Evi vs Siri – Comparison Between Evi and Siri

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February 19, 2012 0

Getting Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities on your phone just became a possibility for Android users and a bit less expensive for iPhone users. Meet Evi — a $.99 app for iPhones and free for Android.

For such a nominal price, don’t expect Evi to be on par with Siri. There are some major differences with Evi as opposed to the quick and integrated Siri. Evi will not schedule meetings on your calendar or let you dictate text messages. But for functions like finding local shops, restaurants and general information, it’s pretty helpful.

I asked Evi: “What time is it, Evi?” and it thought I said, “What time is it TV?”. Messages such as “Just a mo’” appeared on the screen to let me know it was thinking and then it said, “I’m having trouble getting a response from my servers.” Yes, it was noticeably slower than Siri.

Other times it would say, “I don’t know right now — try asking again next week.” I asked, “Can you set my alarm for 9 p.m.?” even though Evi is not synced with the other apps like Siri is, it said it hasn’t learned to do that yet.

Could it be possible that True Knowledge, the company behind Evi, will integrate the app with its operating system’s other functions in the future? Check out the company’s video below introducing Evi.

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