Facebook Knows Everything About Your Romances and Break-ups

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March 25, 2012 0

Facebook is the latest and hottest relationship expert available as of now. Yes, Facebook knows everything about relationship status by analyzing your account.

By considering changes in users’ relationship statuses in 2010 and 2011, Facebook’s information group has uncovered some popular styles that provide ideas into the ways people crack up and connect throughout the season. The information also brings some  light on just how much information Facebook has about even the most personal issues in our lives.

Facebook researchers compared some of users who changed their relationship status from a “in relationship” status to a “single” status, as well as those who went from single to in relationship, in an attempt to uncover the boom and bust periods for relationships.

This summer has a chilling effect on romances, Facebook found. “In 2010 and 2011, May through August were clearly lower than the other months of the year, suggesting the daily net change in relationships reaches a low during the summer,” Facebook writes in its blog post.  While during other months saw a net increase in relationships, the summer months tended to have a greater number of breakups.

New partners exceed the freshly-solo around Valentine Day and Xmas. Facebook registered 49 % more new hook-ups than break-ups on Feb 14 and 34 % more on Dec 25.

Relationships seem hit a difficult identify at the end of the week time — Saturday and Saturday saw “relatively more” breaks, especially among customers over 25 — but ambiance flowers over the few days. Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday are the top days for new partners to announce their “coupled” position.

Of course, there are a few blindspots in the information, as customers might choose to cover their connection position completely. Bogus hook-ups are also common: Facebook notices “the fifth greatest day for a net improve in interactions was Apr 1st, or Apr Fool’s Day, which saw 20% more connection initiations than breaks. But obviously, many of these appear to be short-lived: Apr 2nd was the seasons most excessive day in the other route, with 11% more break-ups than new interactions.”

The conclusions provide ideas into our interactions with our considerable others, as well as our connection with facebook. The information suggestions at the level to which the public networking has become all-seeing and all-knowing, able to use information to comprehend our conduct, perhaps even better than we might comprehend it ourselves.

There’s nothing new about this: Facebook has always known who we’re most considering verifying up on online, as well as who we’re conversing with, who we’ve ceased speaking with, and who we’re studying.

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