BBM For Android – Yes, RIM Would Be Beta Testing The BBM On Android

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April 15, 2012 0

BBM , or BlackBerry Messenger is one of the secrets behind the success of BlackBerry phones, an application to exchange messages for free, from any BB device on the family as long as you have the PIN code of the person’s phone. This “exclusivity” really works for RIM. As of now the only thing that has been able to save RIM is the BBM in my opinion. The rumors have that BBM is not going to be the exclusivity of BlackBerry anymore. We’ve got news that BlackBerry is testing the BBM on Android OS. I have never thought that Android could reach before IOS to the BBM.

In fact we have been listening to rumors that RIM is already developing applications, and now TechnoBuffalo says that RIM would be testing the beta version of BBM for Android. The images, rather doubtful for now, show version 0.8.87, specific tests, and we can see what HTC Wildfire running the application.

I don’t see any point in launching a BBM application on Android or any other Operating Systems. It’s exclusivity and it should remain that way. WhatsApp is already killing BlackBerry’s marketshare and if RIM is actually going to launch a BBM app on Android, It’s stupidity.

BlackBerry OS is not as good as Android or Apple’s iOS, nor the BB Application world is as good as iOS and Android. The only driving force for BlackBerry is the BBM and if BlackBerry wants to kill that driving force, there is something fishy.

Android application is not the only thing that RIM is looking at for expansion, RIM is also thinking of connecting BBM with Facebook and Twitter. has caught hold of some images of BBM for Android version 0.8.87 running SitSLIP debugger 1.3.45 on a device with a 320 x 240-pixel resolution display.

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