Top 5 Indian Radio Jockeys To Follow On Social Media

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Radio was the first digital media platform to exchange vocal information. Since its inception, Radio has helped many issues and people get viral. It was first used by military and then got into entertainment. Though it was invented for military purpose, Radio is best known for entertainment. Radio Entertainment is one of the biggest industries in India and it’s getting bigger day by day.

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I remember those days when my father came back from Dubai, he brought a Radio for my grandmother. The Radio’s outlook was like a computer. It was the case of a small computer in which the radio was set up. Beautiful combination of two revolutionizing objects. Computer + Radio – Here, I am going to talk about the Radio Jockeys who are quite popular on frequencies as well as active on social media. Radio Jockeys are great influencers and they can really share some substance with their listeners. They have a platform, some of them use it amazingly, some just don’t.

I have analysed social media presence of a few radio jockeys and listed these 10 RJs who really make us feel their presence on Social Media.

1. Ankit Vengurlekar

Ankit Vengurlekar

Ankit Vengurlekar (1st from left)

Ankit, Radio Jockey at BIG 92.7 FM Mumbai,  tops the list with more than 74,500 subscribers on Facebook. Ankit has also worked in a few television shows, but he is best known for his work at Big 92.7 FM. Vengurlekar shares his thoughts, opinions on various issues, pictures during various events on Facebook. He rules the list when it comes to engaging people in discussion. You can follow Ankit on Facebook, where he is the most active.

2. RJ Megha

Megha Thakker

Megha Thakker

Megha, Radio Jockey at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Admedabad, is one of the most active social animals in Radio Mirchi.  She runs a fan page of her own and enjoys more than 11,800 likes on it. Her personal facebook profile enjoys more than 7,000 subscribers. Megha keeps adding pictures and her opinions about latest movies, social issues and a lot more. She has an opinion for everything I think. According to Facebook’s survey published earlier this year, we can calculate her reach on social media. She can reach to more  than 26,00,000 people on Facebook through the viral effect of social media. Isn’t that amazing ! Follow her on Facebook.

3. RJ Malishka

RJ Malishka

RJ Malishka

Malishka, Radio Jockey at 93.5 Red FM Mumbai, is also very active and popular on social media. She had a fan page where she enjoys more than 7,000 likes. She keeps sharing her day to day experience, events and contests.  She has made some public appearances on television as well. She is a well known personality in Mumbai, especially among youngsters. She is also known for her openions about social issues. Follow RJ Malishka on her Facebook Page.

4. RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji

RJ Balaji, Radio Jockey at92.7 Big FM has an amazingly active fanpage with more than 47,000 likes on it. He shares stuff about his show on Big FM, various events and cricket. He is one of the most active radio personalities on social media. Follow RJ Balaji on Facebook.

5. RJ Divya

RJ Divya

RJ Divya

RJ Divya, Radio Jockey at OYE! 104.8 FM is sweetly active on social media. She is a lecturer as well. Divya shares stuff about day to day happenings, events, contests and personal opinions. She has a fanpage where she enjoys more than 7,700 likes. The fanpage is very active and that’s the reason why we have added her in this list. She masters the art of engaging people with discussions and opinions. Follow her on Facebook.

So, these were the first 5 Radio Personalities who are making their presence on social media very evident and lively. We will keep you posted about the other 5 RJ’s in the next article. They connect with their fans online and engage them with discussions, sometimes promotions, but they entertain them and that’s what they are known for.


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