Amazon Unveils New Tablets Including Updated Kindle Fire

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September 9, 2012 0 Inc. on Thursday filed a number of tablet type computers, including an updated version of the Kindle Fire, seeking to attract new users to its growing portfolio of videos to watch streaming and electronic books with an eye on tech giants like Apple Inc ., Google Inc. and Netflix Inc.



At an event in Santa Monica, California, Amazon launched a new Kindle Fire with an HD screen and dual antennas, as well as an e-reader with its own light, a technology similar to the Nook that Barnes & Noble introduced last year.

“Last year, there were over two dozen Android tablets released and nobody bought them,” said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos during the event.

Amazon, which grew to become the largest online retailer in the world selling books, mugs and other products, is entering more into hardware manufacturing, with an eye on the iPad, Apple. The new tablets are part of a wave of new devices coming to market during the crucial holiday shopping season.

The new Kindle Fire HD will come in two screen sizes, will have a front camera and will cost between $ 199 and $ 299, said Bezos. In addition, an updated version of the original Kindle Fire will sell for U.S. $ 159 from September 14, said.

Amazon is also testing its own smart phone to compete with iPhone and could launch before year-end or early 2013, according to comments made in July by executives Amazon parts suppliers who declined to be identified.

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