This Is How Obama & Romney Marketed Themselves On Social Media

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November 6, 2012 0

Hardy a few hours left for the most awaited election. After tomorrow, the candidates’ online ads that have chased you around the Internet will disappear. In review of the months spent campaigning and advertising, an infographic from ReTargeter shows exactly how much each campaign spent on online ads compared to the 2008 election. The numbers are staggering. Both President Obama & Governor Romney have done their level best promotion. They have raised millions of dollars to fund their campaigns. Let’s see how did they use these funds, especially on social media. We have this infographic displaying the total spending on social media promotion by both the candidates and significance of that amount.

Overall funding for online ads grew 251% which speaks to the digital nature of this election. Barack Obama spent $52 million, in comparison to his opponent, Mitt Romney, who only spent $26.2 million.

This time, the campaigns were flooded with exciting and informative photographs provoking people to share the same.

This is what President Obama’s Social Media team did on Facebook. Look at the pictures and the message that each picture is giving.

USA as OBAMA TEAM, integrating entire nation as a team who wishes President Obama to hold the office again.

Michelle Obama campaigning for hubby Barack Obama and spreading awareness about significance of votes.

This is what I love about Barack Obama, he integrates entire nation in talks, and he means it. Again declaring America as One Nation, One People.

GRATITUDE !!! Barack Obama masters the art of expressing gratitude. I remember the launch pad speech (Democrats Conventional Speech, Illinois, 2004) by Barack Obama which was full of gratitude. That speech was actually a launch pad for Senator Obama to jump towards White House.

Barack Obama on Romney’s habit of manipulating truth in Presidential debates.

On Foreign Policies.

On Tax Policies:

I personally want President Obama to win election. Share your opinion whom do you want to be the next US President?

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