How To Measure ROI On Social Media: ROI In Social Media Marketing

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The best way to measure the return on Social Media translates into the ability to mobilize followers and fans running to achieve concrete actions, and these are translated into one economic benefits (downloads, sales, popularity, etc..). Only then can measure the return on investment in social media.

If we have a Facebook page with 100,000 fans, this is worth almost nothing until we announce a special promotion to these fans and we see that, thanks to this promotion, we have obtained a few customers/sales. In that case we can go by measuring the return on investment.

In addition, to better estimate the performance, the cost of resources should be taken into account which would have obtained the same results by other strategic model. You need to consider the opportunity cost here. Had you spend the same amount on a different medium to advertise, what return you would have got on your investment.

Rewarding originality in content

The Search Engine Optimization expert also recalled that one of the objectives is to reward Google unique and original content, the initiative would seek to motivate users to create new content, and not copied from other spaces. Precisely this mechanism would respond the growing influence of microforms in recent times.

Content marketing plan should be developed by effective tools based on keyword research and web analytics site. Both elements will detect the topics most requested by customers and / or users of the website and design the right strategy.

The value of social media to promote the Personal Branding

Asked by Webpositer on strategies to develop a personal brand, Javier Gosende highlighted the value of this discipline, as companies hire professionals that offer a “good image” to communicate, who demonstrate expertise and experience.

This media staff should be complemented by an optimal management of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, which would lead us “an arsenal of tools to eat the market.

AdWords return on investment

The Search Engine Optimization expert advocates segment and leverage the experience curve to maximize the profitability of Pay Per Click (PPC). The segmentation would be done by selecting the products that offer more room and less competition to develop with them an AdWords campaign, without requiring an investment on global production portfolio.

We can leverage PPC campaigns to detect the ads and keywords that deliver better results to a brand or company, as these campaigns are those that provide more opportunities for measurement.

In the end, 20% of the keywords are going to give you 80% of profitability. After 1 or 2 months of campaigning and you realize the ads that work, and that is where we must invest more stops leaving the other campaigns that are not profitable.

Penalty for link building: the new SEO Public Relations

Modifying the algorithm that Googlebot has led to the search penalize having many links with the same anchor text (“anchor text”) or to those sites that have “made an exaggerated link building with anchor text that match your domain name, when this is an important keyword. Now in this SEO strategy would require greater diversification and subtlety than before, so that puts quality over quantity.

If you get a link from a general directory, then get the link and almost no traffic. By contrast, if you receive a link from a blog post inserted into a influential in your industry, you get a link with more authority and relevance and additionally get more traffic related to your business.

Mobile Marketing: Where to Start

Many companies plan to develop mobile apps even before ensure that their pages are accessible to these devices. But I believe that the priority for a company means developing “responsive web design”, ie, designed to adapt to different media.

To market a mobile application, the company must unite not only Mobile Marketing promotional tools, but also other means of promoting eMarketing as PPC, email marketing, social media, SEO, etc.. , which together would achieve a strong shock wave.

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