Belkin Wemo Light Switch, Controlled by WiFi for iOS and Android: CES 2013

At CES 2013 there is also a space for home automation . On this occasion comes from the hand of Belkin , who presented the Belkin Wemo Light Switch , an interesting WiFi switch that enables you to control all the lights in our house through our phone.

Belkin has designed this new intelligent light switch to update and improve its ecosystem line Wemo .The main idea of this device is the ability to turn on or off at any time and personalized way all the lights in our homes, through our mobile phone . The new Belkin Wemo Light Switch also will allow us to program the lights to work for a specified period (especially useful on trips to create the feeling that the house is not empty).

Plans to support all WiFi router and compatibility with both Android (version 4.0) as with iOS (iOS 5 onwards).

As usual in this type of event, there is no specific date for launch, but is expected to see the light along this summer. What if provided is filing a beta version for users of Samsung Galaxy SIII

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