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Alas, Most followers aren’t fans !!

When Shashi Tharoor replied Narendra Modi’s tweet, “million followers! Not mere numbers, signifies your love & affection. Heartfelt thanks” with the above juvenile statement, I wanted to answer him with following facts. We all know that Gujarat’s assembly election was a no contest, it was all about Narendra Modi. Since I belong to Gujarat, let me share a fact with you; when you ask people going to vote during election, “which party are you going to vote for?”, they’ll answer, “Narendra Modi”. Yes, he’s bigger than BJP in Gujarat. People recognize Narendra Modi and his developmental endeavors  more than a political party called BJP.  Someone had refered to him as “Propaganda machine”, which I feel truly goes with what Narendra Modi has done during last election.

Much publicised 3D speeches, 29 Vikas Raths equipped with projectors, 10 LED Raths, each with a 110″ screen, which roam interior villages, more than a million followers on FB and Twitter, reaching more than a million people on Google+ Hangout, and launching  his own TV channel NaMo Gujarat etc. clearly exhibits his art of exploiting digital media.

If at all you have to learn digital media marketing, you can’t ignore this prodigy. So I decided to do an article on his online marketing strategies.

Web Presence

Naredra Modi is among those few politicians in India who have their own website to communicate with their fans and stake holders. Gujarat CM Narenda Modi has a website/blog where he keeps adding information about his latest campaigns, works, achievements and future plans.

The beauty about Narendra Modi’s campaigns is that he makes every campaign a brand. He gives beautiful names to all his campaign individually and the home page (Direct Landing Page) of his website also keeps changing according to the campaigns. Some of his campaigns which gathered significant visibility on social media are,

  • Sadbhavna Mission,
  • Vivekanand Vikaas Yatra,
  • Ek Mat Gujarat, BJP Sarkar
  • Vibrant Gujarat,
  • Ramshe Gujarat, Jeetshe Gujarat etc.

Different Web Platforms

Narendra Modi has left no stone unturned when it comes to online marketing. He has used;

  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Social Aggregators
  • Blogging Platforms (Blogspot, Quora)
  • Online Video Sharing Platforms (Youtube, Google+ Hangout)
  • Online News Channel (Namo Gujarat – Narendra Modi’s exclusive news channel in Gujarat)
  • Web Properties (
  • Web PR (Nomination in – Most famous politician on web)
    • Narendra Modi was nominated in top 5 political personalities in the world who have made a mark on web in 2011 along with the US president Barack Obama.


Now let’s understand how he used all the above mentioned platforms to generate visibility.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Mr. Modi uses the most famous SEO plugin “All in one SEO pack”, this plugin includes title optimization, description, meta tags and it understand Google algorithm very thoroughly. This Plugin is regularly updated and since a decade it has been considered the best SEO plugin available for open source.

Since the person himself is a big brand, he didn’t need extensive SEO to be done on his website.  His SEO efforts majorly cover optimization of the articles regarding his latest activities in Gujarat. Every news about Mr. Modi’s achievements and developmental activities is posted on his website in the form of articles. All these articles are optimized for search engines so that when anyone searches about Mr.Modi’s latest movements on Google or any other search engine, they land on his personal site. These articles also include videos and pictures which are optimized for search engine as well.

All his videos are uploaded on his youtube channel and titles to these videos formed in very search engine friendly manner. Pictures on Narendra Modi’s website are given Meta tags and description tags  behind so that his website comes ahead in search results when some users search about Narendra Modi.

All his web profiles are interconnected and interlinked. You can navigate among all his social media and web profiles from any of them.

These are the keywords for which he targets his website on search engine:

Narendra Modi, Politics, Politician, Leader Gujarat, Gujarat Politics, Vibrant Gujarat, Gujarat Chief Minister, India Politician, BJP Gujarat, Election, Swarnim Gujarat, Bharatiya Janata Party, Gujarat CM, Gujarat Political, Narendra Modi Biography, Narendra Modi Photos, Narendra Modi Wallpapers

Social Media


Narendra Modi’s presence on Facebook is phenomenal. His official FB page has 1,314,530 likes which has potential of reaching 170,888,900 people. His personal website is linked with his facebook page and any user can easily navigate from his FB page to his website and viceversa.

Become Gujarat’s Ambassador:

In this campaign he allowed people to share their stories and ideas on his FB page with aid of an app. The best ideas and stories were selected and posted as Cover Page of the Facebook page. This campaign was a great success, thousands of people registered and submitted their stories and developmental ideas to get displayed on the cover photo of Naredra Modi’s official FB page.

To get followers on FB, he has used FB Social Ads and Promoted Stories.


Narendra Modi is the second politician in India after Dr. Shashi Tharoor who enjoys more than a 1 Million followers on Twitter. Narednra Modi is very active on twitter and he keeps tweeting about his day to day happenings. He voices his opinion very openly on twitter without much of censorship. Most of his tweets contain links to the detailed articles.


Narendra Modi had partnered with Google+ to interact with people online. With help of Google+ Hangout service, he had interacted with more than 1 million people on web. He is the first politician in India to interact with people online. This Google+ Hangout was hosted by Bollywood star Ajay Devgn. The hangout really proved to be a very successful campaign and all social media platforms got flooded with talks about Mr. Modi’s hangout. This hangout had been Twitter’s most followed trend for a few hours.


Narendra Modi has his youtube channel as well where all his speeches and videos are uploaded. His channel is directly linked with his personal website. This channel is privately coded to include the integration feature. There are 24,371 subscribers on his Youtube channel which has achieved more than 49,42,000 views and majority of videos have more than 1,000 views. This means the videos are going viral with the aid of other social media platforms.

So, Mr. Tharoor, Is it enough to answer your question? Your  ’Alas’ makes it sound like you wish they were fans of NaMo. And if you know all followers are not friends, how do you known this? From personal experience on Twitter? Or from the people who attend your public rallies?

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