Do You Really Use Your Cell Phone?

February 23, 2013 0

Do you really use your cell phone ?

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Just some days before I was surfing on the internet and read the news that HTC is going to launch its flagship mobile phone “Butterfly”- the most expensive cell phone currently available in market for Rs.38,ooo + /- ONLY . And this news make me to think that DO YOU REALLY USE YOUR CELL PHONE? So you may be thinking that what I am talking about…. Ok let me ask you few questions.

  1. Do you know all the features of your cell phone, and do you really use all of them?
  2. Do you use your mobile phone to SEND an e-mail? (many people use it only to check new mails)
  3. Do you use your camera very frequently? (May be yes if you are a photogenic, you know what do I mean? Girls are very photogenic indeed.)
  4. Do you use GPS frequently?

And so on…

If you are a college student of a new generation then I think your reply of all these questions will be in positive way. But wait, you may know many people having I-PHONE or samsung galaxy S-2, S-3 with them. What you have to do is just go to them and ask some of the questions that I have mentioned above and after asking these questions to them, I can bet you that they will feel ashamed if they are not the people of your category. I have seen some videos on youtube where a woman was standing in a Q to buy I-Phone without any reason. You can find it here

Now here something that I really want to share with you all, know your needs and know your mobile phone before buying it because if you or your father, mother or any person who is going to buy I-Phone, Galaxy S3 or any smart phone for just a status then I think it conveys  that you are mentally sick. Your phone is only the one who is smart and not YOU.. !! You can’t give away some thousands of bucks just for this string “STATUS”. I know some people who use their mobile phones only for dialing and receiving calls. So I should say, before knowing your mobile, know value of money..!!! And go for the right one.

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