The Amazingly Awesome HTC Tiny with HTC Butterfly

February 24, 2013 0

HTC butterfly, 5 inch smart phone by HTC. It is a flag ship cell phone of HTC. But with this phone, HTC is introducing something interesting and that is Tiny Phone with smart phone. The whole concept is something like this.

As smart phones’ size is eventually growing day by day, they think that it is not easy to handle such a big phone in pocket or in hand while doing your daily stuff. So what is their IDEA ? They are proving a tiny phone with your original smart phone. Now what you have to do is just establish *NFC  connection between these  two phones. And use this tiny phone for some primary functionality like calling and messaging. These idea have many advantages and disadvantages also. Let’s see what they are… !!

Advantages: -

HTC has many good reasons to develop this prototype like woman can carry her smart phone in her bag and this tiny one in her hand. Same for men, they don’t need to have a long pocket jeans. One can save battery of original smart phone and it can help anyone in emergency when there is no battery in your smart phone (as you know each and every smart phone has battery limitations no matter how smart it is..!! ).  These arguments can convey you to buy both of them. But again this prototype can raise some questions. And those are its disadvantages.

Disadvantages: -

Why someone will buy such a large phone with high resolution display to just keep it in pocket all the time ? Is it more convenient to keep two cell phone for different purposes ? Will you buy a smart phone just for doing  Facebook,whats app or to see photos and videos ? Answers of these questions are not in favor of this new idea. So it will be very interesting to see how HTC will now cop up with these type of questions.

*In case if want to know What is NFC in this technology ?

NFC :- Near Field Communication

It is a technology (we call it  “protocol-set of rules” in engineering terms ) in which you can establish connection between smart phones and similar devices that uses radio communication. This connection can be established  simply by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity (few centimeters).

NFC provides you low-speed connection but worth to use for small tasks like calling and messaging by following some simple setup. Android Beam is one of its very good example.

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