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Five Cancer Diagnostics Innovators Win Funding from GE’s 00 Million Healthymagination Challenge

5 April, 2012 by 0

Five Cancer Diagnostics Innovators Win Funding from GE's 00 Million Healthymagination Challenge Let the disruption begin! In September, at an event launching GE's billion dollar..

Cleantech Group: 10 Years of Clean Technology Innovation

5 April, 2012 by 0

Cleantech Group, a provider of market intelligence for the clean technology industry, is celebrating 10 years in business, since helping to define the cleantech sector..

#HealthIT What Are The Public & Private Sectors Doing To Drive Health Technology Innovation

4 April, 2012 by 0

In this dynamic presentation, Paulo Machado will reveal why the public & private sectors working so hard to drive Health IT Innovation. He will answer..

Project Glass: One day…

4 April, 2012 by 0

We believe technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don't. A..

Car Falls Apart FAIL

2 April, 2012 by 0

More: There is nothing like car from Russia. ..

Kara : a PS3 new technology

8 March, 2012 by 0

Quantic Dream, the development studio behind titles like Heavy Rain, has showcased the new technology, entitled'Kara'. "Kara" is not our next game. ..

euronews innovation – The future is: hands-free driving

1 March, 2012 by 0 Several European engineering firms are collaborating on new technology that would allow cars to drive you, rather than the other way round. The so-called..

TEDxBerkeley – Carl Bass – The New Rules of Innovation

26 February, 2012 by 0

Carl Bass is president and chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc. ..

Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

21 February, 2012 by 0

Lighter. Faster. Formfitting..

New Technology 2012 Lecture 03 – Technology Innovation Part 1

11 February, 2012 by 0

How do ideas happen? How does innovation happen..


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