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Social Media and Narcissism: A Self-Obsessed Society – Jay Thadeshwar

2 June, 2013 by 0

Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate, behave and interact. Within this virtual landscape we connect with others at an unprecedented magnitude, speed and..

This is How Google Glass Works: Features & Specifications

17 April, 2013 by 0

Today we have to know the features of Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses Google , which will be available in late 2013. This ambitious project is becoming reality..

Security and Privacy, The Main Problems of Google Glass

17 April, 2013 by 0

The California company, yesterday announced the technical specifications of Google Glass , which features a 720p resolution camera and a flash memory of 16 GB. The next feature available is..

Why Can’t You Ignore Social Media In Your Marketing Strategy

3 April, 2013 by 0

The Annual Report “State of Corporate Social Media” confirms the importance of social networks within the marketing strategy of companies. The study, by Useful Social Media, is..

Top 10 Free & Reliable Alternatives to WhatsApp

13 March, 2013 by 0

Find alternatives to WhatsApp, not because they want to charge 0.99 cents a year but because although it is the most popular messaging software for mobile..

Brazil: The New Capital of Social Media

10 February, 2013 by 0

Last year, when the family Barbosa made a failed attempt to interpret an old religious song in a video Brazilian family considered it quite funny..

How To Measure ROI On Social Media: ROI In Social Media Marketing

16 November, 2012 by 0

The best way to measure the return on Social Media translates into the ability to mobilize followers and fans running to achieve concrete actions, and..

This Is How Obama & Romney Marketed Themselves On Social Media

6 November, 2012 by 0

Hardy a few hours left for the most awaited election. After tomorrow, the candidates’ online ads that have chased you around the Internet will disappear...

How Arvind Kejriwal Is Killing It On Social Media: Jay Thadeshwar

31 October, 2012 by 0

First they ignore you,then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win – Mahatma Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal personifies this quote. Arvind Kejriwal, an Indian social activist working under the..

How Google Makes $100 Million A Day & Lost $21 Billion Last Week

25 October, 2012 by 0

Last week Google stock crashed 10%, shedding about $21 billion in market value, when its earnings were prematurely released. Google revenue was up … but profit..


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