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Everything Announced at Apple WWDC 2013 – TechTheBest

12 June, 2013 by 0

On Monday June 10, 2013 will be remembered as the day that evolved iOS altogether.This and more are part of the ads in the WWDC 2013 Apple, which brought..

Why Apple is Losing Its Magic at the Hands of Samsung? – Jay Thadeshwar

10 February, 2013 by 0

When a company, founder of which had been extremely against the word “Sorry” had to come out and apologize publicly after jeopardizing the most awaited product..

Google’s X phone: Plan to Unseat Apple

24 December, 2012 by 0

Motorola Mobility’s engineers are working intensively on a sophisticated device, known internally as the “X Phone”, but the subsidiary of Google Inc. has encountered some obstacles in trying..

Apple CEO Apologizes Publicly For Maps App

28 September, 2012 by 0

This is where we realize the importance of the genius “Steve Jobs”. This is probably the first time Apple has to apologize for something. Apple’s CEO..

Colourful iWallet – Mesmerizing iPhone Case With A Wallet

17 June, 2012 by 0

iWallet is an amazing iPhone case having wallet into it. Yes, it has a card holder where you can keep 4 credit cards. It also..

New Super Cute iPad Smart Case: Complete Protection With Style

17 June, 2012 by 0

Apple has shown new cases for iPad and they call it Smart Case, where the main difference from previous models is that it now covers the entire iPad. Yes,..

iOS 6 Analysis: iOS 6 Will Increase The Market Share Of Apple

17 June, 2012 by 0

The innovations presented on Monday during the keynote of the WWDC2012 have been received positively by Wall Street analysts, who expect the release of IOS..

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With Exciting New Features: WWDC 2012

12 June, 2012 by 0

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With Exciting New Features at WWDS 2012 and thrills developers with these surprises.  Like the Air, the outside has nothing new..

What Is So Special & New About The New MacBook Air Unveiled At WWDC 2012

12 June, 2012 by 0

Keynote full of news. Today Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing and head of the Mac range, presented all the news about the new Macbook, Air and..

A Bug In OS X Lion Can See The Passwords Of Users

7 May, 2012 by 0

Attention to the following news, because it is already doing a lot of noise in social networks and in various media specializing in computer security. It..


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