Brazil: The New Capital of Social Media

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Last year, when the family Barbosa made a failed attempt to interpret an old religious song in a video Brazilian family considered it quite funny enough to upload it to YouTube. But do not expect the rest of Brazil to laugh with them. In a few weeks, the video was seen and shared millions of times on YouTube and Facebook . The parodies, including an animated version of The Simpsons, spread. 

Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

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Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, online activist and founder of Infogami, a service later merged with Reddit, committed suicide in New York City on Jan. 11, the Tech reports. The news was revealed to the Tech by Swartz’s uncle Michael Wolf and confirmed by Swartz’s attorney, Elliot R. Peters. “The tragic and heartbreaking information you received is, regrettably, true,” said Peters. Born in. 

Google’s X phone: Plan to Unseat Apple

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Motorola Mobility’s engineers are working intensively on a sophisticated device, known internally as the “X Phone”, but the subsidiary of Google Inc. has encountered some obstacles in trying to produce a more potent competitor to Apple Inc., people familiar said. Seven months after being acquired by Internet giant U.S. $ 12,500 million, Motorola is designing a flagship. 

How To Measure ROI On Social Media: ROI In Social Media Marketing

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The best way to measure the return on Social Media translates into the ability to mobilize followers and fans running to achieve concrete actions, and these are translated into one economic benefits (downloads, sales, popularity, etc..). Only then can measure the return on investment in social media. If we have a Facebook page with 100,000 fans, this is worth almost nothing until we announce. 

This Is How Obama & Romney Marketed Themselves On Social Media

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Hardy a few hours left for the most awaited election. After tomorrow, the candidates’ online ads that have chased you around the Internet will disappear. In review of the months spent campaigning and advertising, an infographic from ReTargeter shows exactly how much each campaign spent on online ads compared to the 2008 election. The numbers are staggering. Both President Obama & Governor Romney. 

How Arvind Kejriwal Is Killing It On Social Media: Jay Thadeshwar

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First they ignore you,then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win – Mahatma Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal personifies this quote. Arvind Kejriwal, an Indian social activist working under the banner India Against Corruption is reaching every household of this country via conventional and unconventional media. After being awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership. 

How Google Makes $100 Million A Day & Lost $21 Billion Last Week

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Last week Google stock crashed 10%, shedding about $21 billion in market value, when its earnings were prematurely released. Google revenue was up … but profit was down. Now a new report from an independent source, internet marketing software company Wordstream, is giving us more information on how, exactly, that happened. Essentially, even though total revenue rose to hit $14.1 billion,. 

MULYANKAN 2012: N.L. Dalmia’s National Level B-School Competition As Well As Seminar On ‘Cross-Border Acquisitions’

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N L Dalmia, Mulyankan 2012

N.L. Dalmia is organising National level B-School Competition as well as Seminar on ‘Cross-Border Acquisitions’. “N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research, ranked amongst TOP 26 B-Schools in India by Hindustan Times TNS survey, 2011 is organising an Annual National level B-School Competition and Seminar, “MULYANKAN – Value that counts…” hosted by the. 

Apple CEO Apologizes Publicly For Maps App

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This is where we realize the importance of the genius “Steve Jobs”. This is probably the first time Apple has to apologize for something. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook publicly apologized for the company’s new maps app, which replaced Google Maps on the iPhone. Had Steve Jobs been alive, this would have never happened. He believed it making it perfect whatever they provide. That philosophy. 

Amazon Unveils New Tablets Including Updated Kindle Fire

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amazon-kindle-español Inc. on Thursday filed a number of tablet type computers, including an updated version of the Kindle Fire, seeking to attract new users to its growing portfolio of videos to watch streaming and electronic books with an eye on tech giants like Apple Inc ., Google Inc. and Netflix Inc. amazon-kindle-español At an event in Santa Monica, California, Amazon launched a new Kindle Fire.