Google Built A Data Center In Chile For Latin American Demand

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Google Inc. said it has begun building a new data center near Santiago, Chile, in order to accommodate the increasing demand for the services of the Latin American giant Internet search. Google, based in Mountain View, California, said it plans to start operating the data center late next year. Earlier this week, the company said in a corporate Web site that the data center is built to ensure. 

Business and Family-Modern Oil and Water: By Heather Sahli

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Heather Sahli

[Author Info]Hello friends, meet my buddy Heather Sahli. She is the Founder and CEO at Operation:Warm Winter, Inc. She lives all the way over in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a philanthropist with completely different mindset when it comes to integrating education with technology. She is an entrepreneur, author, social activist and a philanthropist. She also writes about Fashion. 

Now You Can Visit Kennedy Space Center With Google Street View

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Kennedy Space Center is 50 years old and Google  wanted to pay tribute and allow fans to watch a shuttle up close.  6,000 images were taken to view of the facility. Google sees the project as part of its mission “to document the world’s most amazing places.” Google has moved its equipment from street view to Kennedy Space Center in Florida to capture the various. 

Tips To Get Rid Of Social Media & Technology During Holidays

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This August, many Spanish begin their summer holidays and disconnect them from the world of work and daily routines. That is why the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA) has published a series of tips to disconnect, as far as possible, for a few days from new technologies. In the words of the Doctor of Psychology and Vice Chancellor for Academic of UDIMA, Jose Ignacio Dance: “Technology. 

How Google Teaches Its Employees To Stay Ahead In Competirion

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Larry Page, CEO of Google Inc., has tried in the past year impregnate a renewed sense of urgency in the Internet giant to concentrate more efforts on fewer priorities. An important element of the struggle to repel the threat of Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Inc. is GoogleEDU, the program of leadership development training and two years of the company. GoogleEDU formalized learning. 

Google Would Pay A Fine For violating The Privacy Of Apple Users

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Larry Page

Google Inc. is close to reaching a settlement to pay $ 22.5 million to settle charges related to breaches of the privacy settings for millions of customers of Apple Inc., according to people. The fine would be the largest imposed on a single company by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC, for its acronym in English). It is the latest example of the more rigorous approach to the FTC to monitor. 

Apple’s Legal Victory Against Samsung: Galaxy Tabs Banned In U.S.A

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Samsung Electronics Co. received a blow on Tuesday when a judge in California issued a ruling that prohibits the sale of the digital tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 of the Company at the request of Apple Inc. The preliminary opinion, which prohibits manufacture or sell Samsung tablet, or any similar device in the U.S., is the latest twist in the legal battle between Apple and the Korean technology. 

Google Launches Nexus 7 Tablet To Compete With Amazon And Apple

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Google Nexus 7 tablet

Google Inc. on Wednesday introduced a new type tablet computer called the Nexus 7 to compete with the popular Kindle  Fire & iPads in both size and price. During a presentation at its annual developer conference, the giant Internet search indicated that the tablet has a seven-inch screen and a camera, and is designed to display e-books and other resources available in the Google service. 

The New Microsoft Surface, Is It A Tablet Or A Laptop?

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Microsoft Surface Tablet

The first computer brand developed by Microsoft Corp. has created confusing battle lines in the technology sector, to transform old allies into rivals. The new Surface Tablet, which Microsoft released on Monday, has an unusual design with a built-in keyboard that makes it a leading rival to both the Apple’s iPad  & Android Tabs. The announcement of Microsoft modifies its traditional. 

5 Tips To Cut Down Your Cellphone Bill And Reduce Your Expense

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Samsung Galaxy S III

It seems that the data plans offered by cellular operators are becoming more expensive.In addition, some companies have decided to reduce the connection speed of users over network use. This means that it is time for consumers to put their phones on a diet. In the U.S., for example, the average cell phone customer between 24 and 35 years of age consumed 578 megabytes of data per month during.