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Everything Announced at Apple WWDC 2013 – TechTheBest

On Monday June 10, 2013 will be remembered as the day that evolved iOS altogether.This and more are part of the ads in the WWDC 2013 Apple, which

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How To Measure ROI On Social Media: ROI In Social Media Marketing

16 November, 2012 by 0

The best way to measure the return on Social Media translates into the ability to mobilize followers and fans running to achieve concrete actions, and..

This Is How Obama & Romney Marketed Themselves On Social Media

6 November, 2012 by 0

Hardy a few hours left for the most awaited election. After tomorrow, the candidates’ online ads that have chased you around the Internet will disappear...

How Arvind Kejriwal Is Killing It On Social Media: Jay Thadeshwar

31 October, 2012 by 0

First they ignore you,then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win – Mahatma Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal personifies this quote. Arvind Kejriwal, an Indian social activist working under the..

How Google Makes $100 Million A Day & Lost $21 Billion Last Week

25 October, 2012 by 0

Last week Google stock crashed 10%, shedding about $21 billion in market value, when its earnings were prematurely released. Google revenue was up … but profit..

The Secrets Of Amazing Butterfly Effect In Viral Marketing

22 October, 2012 by 0

The Butterfly Effect is but an example is used to illustrate chaos theory. The idea comes from an old Chinese proverb: “The flapping of a butterfly..

MULYANKAN 2012: N.L. Dalmia’s National Level B-School Competition As Well As Seminar On ‘Cross-Border Acquisitions’

9 October, 2012 by 0

N.L. Dalmia is organising National level B-School Competition as well as Seminar on ‘Cross-Border Acquisitions’. “N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research, ranked amongst..

The Power Of Viral Marketing And How To Use It In Your Business – Jay Thadeshwar

2 October, 2012 by 0

First of all lets shoot all jargon and understand what the hell is Viral Marketing.  In very simple words: A person on Facebook has 130..

How To Do Wonders In Business With Your Subconscious Mind – Arpit Jain

30 September, 2012 by 0

MIND YOUR BUSINESS “you can get anything you set your mind to”   In this article I wish to through some light on what exactly..

Apple CEO Apologizes Publicly For Maps App

28 September, 2012 by 0

This is where we realize the importance of the genius “Steve Jobs”. This is probably the first time Apple has to apologize for something. Apple’s CEO..

Facebook Beats Google – Becomes #1 Site Internationally

20 September, 2012 by 0

Today is one of those historic days which will be remembered for ages. Yes, for the first time in history after Google secured 1st Alexa..

7 Fantastic Tips For A Successful Viral Marketing Campaign – Jay Thadeshwar

16 September, 2012 by 0

Viral marketing is a great way to spread the word about your product or brand, but how do you get a viral marketing campaign? Some..

Apple Launches iPhone 5 – Live Event Updates [LIVE BLOG]

12 September, 2012 by 0

Apple is all set to launch multiple gadgets today including the most awaited gadget of the year iPhone  5. Stay tuned with this live blog..

Amazon Unveils New Tablets Including Updated Kindle Fire

9 September, 2012 by 0 Inc. on Thursday filed a number of tablet type computers, including an updated version of the Kindle Fire, seeking to attract new users to..

Google Built A Data Center In Chile For Latin American Demand

9 September, 2012 by 0

Google Inc. said it has begun building a new data center near Santiago, Chile, in order to accommodate the increasing demand for the services of..

Business and Family-Modern Oil and Water: By Heather Sahli

12 August, 2012 by 0

The U.S. has a wonderful, rich history when it comes to family businesses. There are the Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Hill families that come to mind..


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