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Everything Announced at Apple WWDC 2013 – TechTheBest

On Monday June 10, 2013 will be remembered as the day that evolved iOS altogether.This and more are part of the ads in the WWDC 2013 Apple, which

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Now You Can Visit Kennedy Space Center With Google Street View

8 August, 2012 by 0

Kennedy Space Center is 50 years old and Google  wanted to pay tribute and allow fans to watch a shuttle up close.  6,000 images were taken..

Tips To Get Rid Of Social Media & Technology During Holidays

5 August, 2012 by 1

This August, many Spanish begin their summer holidays and disconnect them from the world of work and daily routines. That is why the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA)..

How Google Teaches Its Employees To Stay Ahead In Competirion

13 July, 2012 by 0

Larry Page, CEO of Google Inc., has tried in the past year impregnate a renewed sense of urgency in the Internet giant to concentrate more..

Google Would Pay A Fine For violating The Privacy Of Apple Users

13 July, 2012 by 0

Google Inc. is close to reaching a settlement to pay $ 22.5 million to settle charges related to breaches of the privacy settings for millions..

Apple’s Legal Victory Against Samsung: Galaxy Tabs Banned In U.S.A

28 June, 2012 by 0

Samsung Electronics Co. received a blow on Tuesday when a judge in California issued a ruling that prohibits the sale of the digital tablet Galaxy..

Google Launches Nexus 7 Tablet To Compete With Amazon And Apple

28 June, 2012 by 0

Google Inc. on Wednesday introduced a new type tablet computer called the Nexus 7 to compete with the popular Kindle  Fire & iPads in both..

The New Microsoft Surface, Is It A Tablet Or A Laptop?

24 June, 2012 by 0

The first computer brand developed by Microsoft Corp. has created confusing battle lines in the technology sector, to transform old allies into rivals. The new..

5 Tips To Cut Down Your Cellphone Bill And Reduce Your Expense

22 June, 2012 by 0

It seems that the data plans offered by cellular operators are becoming more expensive.In addition, some companies have decided to reduce the connection speed of..

The Crisis In Europe Causes Decline In Sales Of Automobiles

22 June, 2012 by 0

Few places illustrate the problems of the European automotive industry as the plant Mirafiori Fiat SpA, Turin, Italy. On Thursday and Friday, the factory became..

How To Use Social Networks For Marketing And Get The Best Results

17 June, 2012 by 0

The main problem that many small businesses seem to have when deciding to jump into social networks is the method how will they going to..

Colourful iWallet – Mesmerizing iPhone Case With A Wallet

17 June, 2012 by 0

iWallet is an amazing iPhone case having wallet into it. Yes, it has a card holder where you can keep 4 credit cards. It also..

New Super Cute iPad Smart Case: Complete Protection With Style

17 June, 2012 by 0

Apple has shown new cases for iPad and they call it Smart Case, where the main difference from previous models is that it now covers the entire iPad. Yes,..

Dropbox for iOS Is Upgraded To Version 1.5: Review And Analysis

17 June, 2012 by 0

The Dropbox application service, cloud storage, upgraded to IOS. The new version 1.5 includes new features that improve usability of the application. Innovations include automatic..

iOS 6 Analysis: iOS 6 Will Increase The Market Share Of Apple

17 June, 2012 by 0

The innovations presented on Monday during the keynote of the WWDC2012 have been received positively by Wall Street analysts, who expect the release of IOS..

Nissan Juke Box: The Best And Loudest Car Sound System In World

17 June, 2012 by 0

Many things have been said about The design of the Nissan Juke, especially that is designed to please young drivers, so Ministry of Sound has teamed up with..


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