The Crisis In Europe Causes Decline In Sales Of Automobiles

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Few places illustrate the problems of the European automotive industry as the plant Mirafiori Fiat SpA, Turin, Italy. On Thursday and Friday, the factory became a ghost town, its production lines were silent and offices adjacent to the company remained almost completely empty and dark, such as happened in early June and will spend four days more in July. Closures similar to Mirafiori have. 

Dropbox for iOS Is Upgraded To Version 1.5: Review And Analysis

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The Dropbox application service, cloud storage, upgraded to IOS. The new version 1.5 includes new features that improve usability of the application. Innovations include automatic loading of pictures and videos from our device IOS a Dropbox account. In addition to the aforementioned automatic loading of pictures and videos using wireless connection or by using our data rate we add the possibility. 

How To Run A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign: Jay Thadeshwar

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Immediate Success in Social Media Marketing With the staggering growth of social media and its reach, marketers cannot ignore the power of social media. Social Media is a cluster of digital platforms which are made to bring people together and share their social lives online. Social media has been a hub for marketers, companies, journalists, public figures and social activists to promote. 

Who Created This Multi-Meaning Face? Does This Face Have A Name?

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Memes’ influence on social media is increasing day by day. With the staggering growth of memes on web, many questions come up. Some questions are unanswerable and some can be answered, you just need to do some research. All of you must be aware of the famous meme picture “Bitch Please”, yes that frowny man with an expression that has thousands of meaning. Yao Ming Face But. 

What Should You Do When You Win The Lottery: How To Invest Money

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Chris Kemper thought she was dreaming when she learned that her grandmother had inherited $ 6 million in 2010. But his excitement quickly turned into horror when he realized he had no idea what to do with so great fortune. ”I was afraid to waste it,” says the 44 year financial executive and a resident of Ohio. The sudden fortune is something that can touch anyone. Examples abound:. 

The OECD Calls On European Measures To Curb The Spread

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The European Central Bank should increase efforts to eliminate fears of contagion from the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, said Wednesday the chief economist at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. “We have not won the battle to curb the crisis. I think there is an element of contagion to be tackled,” said Pier Carlo Padoan in a telephone interview. The. 

Chance Of IMF Intervention In Over Valued Yen Is Increasing

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The risk of an intervention in the yen is rising. With few signs of a serious surge of the yen during most of this year, and because the Greek election results may further enhance flows to safe haven assets, increase the chances that the Bank of Japan have to intervene in the market by selling yen. Even the International Monetary Fund has recognized and published in its annual assessment. 

Why To Invest in Gold: Gold May Become A Haven For Investors

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Gold may regain its status as a refuge by the end of the year, analysts say, although investors should expect more volatility in prices in the short term as the metal retains its correlation with risky assets. In recent months, gold has traded at par with industrial metals stocks as investors seek cash due to fears of debt crisis in the eurozone and the overall slowdown. The correlation with. 

Apple vs. Google – The Fight Of The Century Gets Intense

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Since joining in 2007, the iPhone and Google Maps seemed the perfect marriage. The Google Maps service that lets Internet users find shops, check traffic conditions and instructions on how to get to a place, has contributed to the success of the iPhone. The popularity of Apple’s smartphone, in turn, is driving traffic to the Google search engine using Google Maps. Marital bliss, however,. 

Nasdaq Proposed U.S. $ 40 Million To Compensate Investors in Facebook

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Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. on Wednesday detailed plans for a paid “only” about $ 40 million to compensate certain financial firms that lost money after the stock market operator frustrate its operations for the unfortunate debut of Facebook Inc. The plan includes a series of cash rebates and negotiations aimed at repairing the damage to reputation due to technical problems that plagued.