U.S. Economy Grows At A Moderate Pace: Country Grows Moderately

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The U.S. economy expanded at a moderate rate between early April and late May, although the crisis in Europe and U.S. political uncertainty worried some employers, the Federal Reserve said in a report released Wednesday. The economy expanded at a moderate pace so far in the 12 districts of the central bank, the Fed reported in its latest report on regional economies, known as the beige book. Contracts. 

The Future Of The Popular BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) Is In Doubt

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BlackBerry Logo

Maybe Research in Motion Ltd. has lost its dominance in the global market for smartphones, but its instant messaging service is still very popular worldwide. But now even that advantage could be weakened, as worldwide sales of RIM BlackBerry lose vigor and reduce their efforts to promote the tool. Teens are still loyal users of the BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, because it’s fast, free. 

New Microsoft SkyDrive Offers Synchronization With Windows 8

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The client software SkyDrive storage solution in the Microsoft cloud, has been updated for both Windows and Mac OS X. 16.4.4111.0525 version adds better integration with Windows 8, specifically for photos and solution several minor flaws. The update also seeks to improve the performance and overall user experience. Probably the biggest change in the client integration with SkyDrive is. 

Laptop Review HP Envy 14: Detailed Review, Price and Specification

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Earlier this summer, HP expanded its popular line of portable Envy by introducing models Envy Envy 14 and 17. These machines are based on the success that the original Envy had last year, increasing number of equipment options and priced lower. Today we will review the smaller version of 14 inches. The Envy 14 starts at $ 999.99 which includes a Core i3 but also have the option of climbing. 

ETSI Approves New Standard Nano-SIM: Possible Design For Apple

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nano sim card

The European Institute of Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has finally chosen a design for the new nano-SIM format, officially known as 4FF (four form factor), after weeks of debate between the major handset manufacturers. The new design is 40% smaller than the current micro-SIM format, with a width of 12.3 mm by 8.8 mm in length and 0.67mm in height, allowing manufacturers. 

Password of 70 Million People Analysed – We All Are Idiots

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The largest research on password selected by people online  shows that we are fool when it comes to setting up a password for our online accounts. No matter who you are, how old you are, how much ever intelligent you are, you really suck in passwords.   This detailed research is conducted by Joseph Bonneau at the University of Cambridge. He analysed the password strength of about. 

Google Integrates Google+ and Orkut – Yes, You Got It Right, Orkut

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When a few months ago launched Google +, many people pointed out, entirely correctly, that this was not the first social network from Google, and Orkut, despite not having an impact and international success really remarkable, it is even to-day leader today in some countries like Brazil, where it seems that little by little you lose the battle to Facebook. People used to speculate that Google. 

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses Ready To Launch

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Employees designer glasses Michael Pachleitner Group have no reason to consult desktops, tablets or outdated paper files to find products in its warehouse of over 2,000 square meters. The information is right before your eyes. Google's Augmented Reality Glasses The Austrian company recently equipped its employees with a device placed on their heads and displays digital information. A. 

Petrol Price Hike In India Creates Strom On Social Media #Petrol #7.50

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Price hike in India is nothing new after UPA got the charge of Government. In last 10 years, inflation rate has been almost 100% is essential commodities. I know, you will say it’s around 7.2 %, but let me tell you some crappy facts about the inflation rate counting method that works in India. Inflation rate is counted on the prices of certain commodities, we call it price bucket.. 

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Twitter To Enjoy More Of Twitter

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The browsers are general-purpose applications that meet a set of functional requirements that meet most users’ needs. Obviously, no browser is perfect. In these cases, extensions can be a good resource to complement the functions of your browser and give it some new features and utilities that we consider useful. In the welter of extensions that we can find for Firefox or Google.