Top 5 Indian Radio Jockeys To Follow On Social Media

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Megha Thakker

Radio was the first digital media platform to exchange vocal information. Since its inception, Radio has helped many issues and people get viral. It was first used by military and then got into entertainment. Though it was invented for military purpose, Radio is best known for entertainment. Radio Entertainment is one of the biggest industries in India and it’s getting bigger day. 

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

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Priyanka Chopra

Celebrities have been top influencers in the society before digital social media arrived. Social media have given an added advantage to these celebrities and helped them to stay connected to their fans easily and regularly. Twitter has been proved to be a blessing for these celebrities. We have analysed the most active celebrities on twitter and here, in this article we will name a few celebrities. 

Aaron Sorkin To Write Script of Steve Jobs Biopic: Sony Confirms

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Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant screen writer. After winning an Oscar for The Social Network script, Aaron is going to write script for Apple founder Steve Jobs’s biopic based on Walter Isaacson’s best selling book – Steve Jobs. Sorkin has officially signed to write script for the Sony Pictures’ Steve Jobs biopic. The movie has been in the buzz since long time especially. 

How To Monetize Your Blog – 5 Monetization Tips To Earn More

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Make Money

There are many ways a person can make money online. No, I am not talking about the fraud websites that claim to give you work. One of the best ways to make money online is Blogging. You can start a blog and become a thought leader in your expertise field. You can provide your point of views, opinions and tips in the field of your choice. Finance, Tech and Social Media are some of the most. 

Facebook Acquires Lightbox – Not Acquisition Exactly But Great Move

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Image - Techcrunch

We just got an update that Lightbox is joining Facebook. Lightbox is a photo sharing mobile app which focuses on Android and HTML 5 platforms. This is not an acquisition but Facebook has snapped the team of Lightbox and will employ them on Facebook’s mobile app development & enhancement. It’s second startup focused on photo sharing that has been merged with Facebook after. 

The Funniest Avengers Memes Going Viral On Social Media

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Hulk Smashed

The Avengers have really collected a mountain of cash for Marvel Studios and now web is cashing on The Avengers by circulating some unbelievable Avengers Memes.   These memes are very famous and everyone who has watched the movie once will be attracted to these memes. Some of them are seriously insane and pointless but some of them really catch your eyeballs and make you LOL. Here, we. 

Manage Your Tasks With KanbanFlow: Complete Task Management Tool

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KanbanFlow - Task Management Tool

KanbanFlow is a productivity tool focused on the management of tasks. Its operating philosophy allows us to create as many boards as you need and can be completely private or adding users thereof, by invitations to perform collaborative tasks. On each board can change the columns that we are created by default by editing their own characteristics. Once we have our work spaces, and we can. 

Diaspora Social Network Announces Its Public Launch

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Two years after introducing the beginning of a project that many thought would revolutionize the world of social networks, Diaspora has said that during the summer of this year, 2012, the network will join Y-Combinator, a program that helped the launch of startups like Scribd or Dropbox, opening shortly after the public with big news. He commented in an interview from and. 

Holstee, E-Commerce Website For Sustainable Products

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Holstee is a website focused exclusively on electronic commerce in which we find only products designed sustainably. According to the founders of the website, Holstee was not founded to make the project large sums of money, but to promote a sustainable and ecological use of materials and that 100% of the designs posted on the website have been made from biodegradable materials and recycled. The. 

10 Tips To Improve Customer Service On Facebook – Jay Thadeshwar

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Companies know that one of the requirements for a successful business is to provide better customer service, as each satisfied customer will be many more. However, this rule does not implement it when it comes to managing the timeline for brands of the popular social network Facebook, especially if there are questions and complaints, they should be treated normally. As we know, Mark Zuckerberg’s.