Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Renounces U.S. Citizenship Before IPO

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Eduardo Saverin

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, whom you may remember helping Zuckerberg with initial cash to start thefacebook. In one of the scenes of the movie The Social Network, he smashes Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop. Yes, that Eduardo Saverin has officially renounced his U.S. citizenship. He has joined Singapore. Eduardo Saverin As first reported by Bloomberg, Saverin’s name is on a Federal. 

Facebook App Store: Facebook Launches Its Own App Store

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Facebook App Store

Facebook opened the App Center, a space created for users of this network to find applications. The result is we see in the coming weeks in the web version and the versions of IOS and Android devices.The developers of these applications will have the opportunity to be released easily, as they have a potential market of 900 million people. The App Center will be the place where users can. 

Bing Redesigned Its Search Around Social Networks

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Service redesign is about to be introduced in Microsoft’s Bing. According to the latest video released, the design looks really well. For weeks it is known that the Bing team was working on a redesign of its search depth, and indeed already have seen some developments affecting for example the main page, which now had a more to search than ever. It was a big change. In the video. 

Entrepreneurs Say Jumping From One Idea To Another Is Worth

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Business and Money

A few years ago, entrepreneurs in the technology sector took about two years to create a product, hire staff and determine if there really was a real market for your service.However, today the whole process takes only a few months since the company founders have the opportunity to move more quickly between different ideas until they find one that curdles. A recent example is the case of Kevin. 

A Bug In OS X Lion Can See The Passwords Of Users

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Attention to the following news, because it is already doing a lot of noise in social networks and in various media specializing in computer security. It seems that in a completely random, a developer of Apple left open the door for our passwords can be seen without any difficulty in OS X Lion, in plain text format and without their being encoded. Where? In one of the logs. The affected. 

Google Play Already Served 15,000 Million Applications

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Google play is growing at rapid speed. Android Market as it was formerly known is now Google Play. In December Google Play had marked record of serving10,000 million applications. The number has long passed and is now counted as more than 15,000 million. Data are now emerging, but it was a few weeks ago when it reached the significant amount, which together with that of the more than. 

Facebook Buys Locator Service Glancee

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There are many developments we are seeing in Facebook, especially in the movements that the social network to try to reinforce the face of competition and provide a pitch and better services to its nearly 1000 million active users, a figure that some still difficult to believe. The latest high-profile acquisitions went through Gowalla, service that were made ??in late 2011, and Instagram. 

GALAXY S III REVIEW: Everything About Samsung Galaxy S 3

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Samsung Galaxy S 3

The Galaxy Samsung S3 is already with us. The successor to the franchise Android phone, the Galaxy S2 , has completed its parade down the red carpet event in London Samsung Unpacked 2012. As expected, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is a phone call to be the most important and recognized market in the range of high-end devices with Android operating system, but this time not only by hardware. 

LinkedIN Buys Slideshare For $119 Million: Latest Acquisition

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LinkedIN Buys Slideshare

Life gives you surprises, surprises come life. So reads a song with a few years but may be used up to date as we have found that Linkedin has bought Slideshare by nothing more or less, about $ 119 million. Slideshare , for which you do not know, is a leading Web service since 2006 offering a simple and powerful way to share our presentations with everyone you want. It has always been. 

Facebook Fixes The Price Of Its Stock From $ 28 To $ 35

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Facebook Inc. plans to fix the price range for its IPO between $ 28and $ 35 per share, valuing from about $ 85,000 million and U.S. $ 95,000 million, sources informed. This price puts the U.S. company social networking on your way tobecoming the most valuable Internet company U.S. at the time of its IPO, surpassing the value of U.S. $ 23,000 million in 2004, Google.